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Quick and dirty clutch compressor

If you want to take apart your Honda SS50 clutch, you need to be able to compress the clutch springs in order to be able to get the big circlip out. The way I do it may not be the official way, but it gets the job done.


You take a piece of wood and drill an 8 mm hole in the center. Then, take a long M8 bolt and some filler material (if needed) like two M10 nuts. Also get some M8 washers.


As you can see, a compressor can be made from waste material and saves you messing around with skin cutting clips and edges.


Take a washer and put that on the bolt, then stick it through the wood and then through the clutch axle hole.


Compress and assemble! Have fun and if your springs are tougher than the standard one, you may want to replace the wood for a metal rod.

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