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Slight change in the donations page!

Hi everyone! I have made a small change in the donation page. Previously, there was the option to make a so-called offline donation which meant that you could transfer some funds directly to the bank account without having to use paypal.

This however is a bit of a confusing system where the software thanks you for your donation and then shows the banking info. In 95% of all cases, a payment was never done eventhough it apparently looked like it due to the "thank you" page.

Of course, everything is very much appreciated and I've been happily reading the messages that were written on the payment page. So in order to prevent confusion and mixups, I need to find an altenative to [go side-by-side with] paypal. Paypal is really expensive and takes a lot from your donation unfortunately.

So if you know a nice alternative that is also cheaper, please let me know. All your input is very much welcome! <3

We're still setting things up, but have a look at our Kofi page!

Cleanup in isle 4!

From today, a new registration policy will be used upon non-confirmed registrations. In order to download here, you need to register for free and confirm your email address by clicking a link. If you do not do this, your account will not be active and then you cannot download.

I have just removed 1041 accounts from my database that have not been activated. You will need to activate your account within a month, which is a very long grace time, and if you don't your account will be removed. If you have not received your activation link, you can send me a message and then I can fix that for you.

LT;DR: Register, activate within a month, profit.

Have a nice weekend and I hope you can find the information here that you are looking for!

Announcement (GDPR)

Hi! Following up on the GDPR effectively on May 25th 2018, I have bought a new phone number. I ask you kindly to treat this information as confidential so I have sent it to you in an encoded way. Simply scrape with a knife or screwdriver over the masked area to reveal the new number. Thank you! The new number is +31▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ *

gitte haenning

Okay, now on a serious note:

The GDPR is in effect from today and everyone is required to state what their website is doing with your data and cookies. You can read here how this website is handling your data and basically it has never been any different than before this law.

*) Please do not apply a screwdriver or any other object to your screen to reveal this number. Srsly.