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Type: P 50
Short Description:
  • Moped, also known as "Little Honda"
  • Easily identifiable as it is the only Honda model imported to date
    which has the engine unit incorporated in the rear wheel.
  • There were two types of P50 imported, one Japanese built, the other
    assembled in Europe and known as the Dutch P50.
  • The Dutch P50s were finished in Charcoal Grey only, but the most
    easy identifiable difference is the larger diameter wheels fitted.
    There are other differences, including the frame, centre stand,
    front fork link arms, etc.
Engine: 49cc, pushrod

Japanese P50

2.00 x 17 Front
2.25 x 17 Rear

Dutch P50

2.00 x 19 Front
2.25 x 19 Rear

Available Colours:info_button
  • Scarlet (C)
  • Sky Blue (XE)
  • Charcoal Grey (XT)

Mudguards, front carrier, chainguard, carburettor cover and
headlamp shell: Ivory White (XL)

Accesories: -
Engine number prefix: P50E
Frame number prefix: P50
Modifications: The engine and frame numbers will not readily assist in identifying
the two types of P50 described.
Sparkplug:info_button NGK - C6HB, Honda part no. 98056-56710
Dimensions: Not available

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Fuel Consumption

Honda PC50 - 1965
59-DBP-8 / VID: 641393

Honda SS50 - 1976
**-***-* /  VID: 641399
(out of order)

Honda PS50
(not set up yet, engine repair)

Honda PS50
(not set up yet, total overhaul)

Honda P50
(not set up yet, total overhaul)

Honda P50
(not set up yet, various repairs)

Honda PC50
(not set up yet, various repairs)